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The affordability of Pods Storage prices has made it the top choice among people who want portable storage. While a growing number of companies offer portable storage now, Pods has maintained its edge by providing quality service.

Here’s a list of Pods storage prices:

Item Price

PODS Container Sizes

Per Month

7-foot container: 7'x7'x8', typically holds 1 room (Starting Price) $139.99
12-foot container: 12'x8'x8', typically holds 2-3 rooms (Starting Price) $149.99
16-foot container: 16'x8'x8', typically holds 3-4 rooms (Starting Price) $159.99
Starting Price

Container Kits

PODS 7' Container Kits

7' Economy Container Kit (15 Moving Boxes & Packing Supplies) $44.95
7' Deluxe Container Kit (40 Moving Boxes & Packing Supplies) $99.95

PODS 12' Container Kits

12' Economy Container Kit (40 Moving Boxes & Packing Supplies) $84.95
12' Deluxe Container Kit (60 Moving Boxes & Packing Supplies) $144.95

PODS 16' Container Kits

16' Economy Container Kit (60 Moving Boxes) $119.95
16' Deluxe Container Kit (72 Moving Boxes & Packing Supplies) $174.95

Wardrobe Kits

Economy Wardrobe Kit (10 Moving Boxes) $74.95
Deluxe Wardrobe Kit (22 Moving Boxes & Packing Supplies) $134.95

Moving Boxes

Small Box (25) 16x10x10 Boxes $39.95
Medium Box (20) 18x14x12 Boxes $48.95
Large Box (12) 20x20x15 $49.95
Extra Large Box (10) 23x23x16 Boxes $46.95
Wardrobe Box (3) 20x20x34 Boxes $47.95
Kitchen Dish Box (8) 18x18x22 Boxes $45.95
Mirror / Picture Box (6) 30x40 Boxes $44.95
Artwork Picture Boxes (3) 40x60 Boxes $44.95
Flat Screen TV Box (27" to 37") TV Box fit 27" to 37" Flat Screen TV $29.99
Flat Screen TV Box (38" to 47") TV Box fit 38" to 47" Flat Screen TV $32.95
Flat Screen TV Box (50" to 60") TV Box fit 50" to 60" Flat Screen TV $38.95
Flat Screen TV Box (62" to 70") TV Box fits 62" to 70" Flat Screen TV $45.95
File Boxes (6) 15x12x10 Boxes $39.99
Book Boxes (10) 16x12x12 Boxes $39.95
Lamp Boxes (2) 20x20x36 Boxes $34.95

Moving Supplies

Bubble Wrap Roll (1) 12" x 60' $24.95
Moving Blankets (12) 72" x 80" Pads $135.95
Rubber Mover Bands (24) 30" x 7/8" $39.95
Mattress Bags & Covers (2) Twin Mattress Bags $15.95
Mattress Bags & Covers (2) Full Mattress Bags $16.95
Mattress Bags & Covers (2) Queen Mattress Bags $17.95
Mattress Bags & Covers (2) King Mattress Bags $19.95
Mattress Bags & Covers (1) Sofa Cover $13.95
Mattress Bags & Covers (2) Chair Cover $12.95
Mattress Bags & Covers (1) Dust Cover $16.95
Packing Paper (188 Sheets) $24.95
Packing Paper (325 Sheets) $42.95
Tape & Dispenser $19.95
Tape Gun Dispenser $16.95
Tape (3 Rolls) $12.95
Tape (6 Rolls) $23.95
Ratchet Tie Down Straps (2) 1" x 10' Ratchet Straps $24.95
Disc Lock (1) Disc Lock $13.95
Nylon Tie Down Rope (50 ft.) (1) 50' spool $13.95
Nylon Tie Down Rope (100 ft.) (2) 50' spool $17.95
Nylon Tie Down Rope (200 ft.) (4) 50' spools $32.95
Stretch Wrap Roll (1) Size: 5"x1000' $21.95
Stretch Wrap Rolls (2) Size: 5"x1000' $34.95
Stretch Wrap Roll (1) Size: 18"x1500' $34.95
Shoulder Dolly Straps (1) Shoulder Dolly Lifting System $41.95
Lifting Straps (1 pair) 9' x 4" Lifting Str $31.95
Moisture Absorbers (16' PODS) (10) Moisture Absorber Pouches $59.95
Moisture Absorbers (12' PODS) (10) Moisture Absorber Pouches $49.95
Moisture Absorbers (7' PODS) (4) Moisture Absorber Pouches $27.95
Moisture Absorber Pouches (2) Moisture Absorber Pouches $17.95
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Company History

The Pods story began more than 20 years ago. Back then the idea of portable storage solutions seemed impossible, but Pods remained committed to the idea. Upon release of their first portable units, the company received a warm response from the public.

The positive response encouraged Pods to manufacture more portable storage solutions. Today the company has a network of more than 170,000 pods and over 200 storage centers in the US. The company has conducted millions of deliveries that underscore the efficiency of its service.


Pods provide different container sizes to suit your needs. They also provide custom containers sizes. A container size calculator is provided so you will get an idea of the ideal size.

The current available container sizes are:

16 ft Containers

This container measures 16’ x 8’ x 8” and is ideal for moving residences with up to 4 rooms. The container has about 857 cubic feet space inside. Capacity wise it is equivalent to a 20 ft rental truck or a 10 x 15 ft storage.

12 ft Containers

Designed for in-town storage and moving, it is also ideal for 2 to 3 room house / apartment moving. There is about 690 cubic feet of space and has the same capacity as a 15 ft rental truck. With this much space you’ll be able to put up to 3 rooms’ worth of furniture in it.

7 ft Containers

These are meant for small storage volume movement. With about 385 cubic feet of interior space these containers are suitable for apartment moving. This interior space is suitable for about a room full of furniture. It has roughly the same capacity as a ten foot rental truck.

All Pods containers are built for durability and long term use. They are spacious, clean and make it simple to load and unload. To summarize:

  • The 7 ft container is suitable for moving a roomful of furnishing
  • If you’re moving stuff big enough for 2 to 3 rooms, the 12 ft container is ideal
  • For 3 to 4 rooms, the 16 foot container is the most appropriate

The 7 and 16 foot containers can be used for long distance moving, and the 12 and 16 ft pods are provided in majority of Pods locations.

No matter which service you choose, you’ll be provided with a key. You’re the only one who has access to the key so you don’t have to worry about someone stealing your stuff. When your container arrives on site, it is set on a flat, even surface to ensure the contents aren’t damaged.

The features and services are designed to meet the needs of different users. Do you plan to move across town or to another state? Is there major reconstruction going on in your house and need someplace to put all your stuff? That is where pods becomes ideal as you don’t need to move back and forth hauling things.

Whatever your needs may be, these storage containers can handle it. No matter the size you choose, you’re assured the Pods are steel framed, sturdy and secure.  These storage units are always delivered to you and on time so you don’t have to wait long to start packing.

Why Choose Pods Storage?

Pods Storage solutions are ideal for several reasons, not least of which is its practicality. Now you don’t have to put up with a rental truck company. Rather than go back and forth you can proceed at the pace you like.

With Pods you don’t have to feel rushed. Since you can leave the Pods container at your home, you decide when to pack and how to pack. If you change your mind or something came up, you don’t have to load all your stuff right away.

Once you’re done packing, Pods will drive your containers to their center. There your stuff will be kept safe and you’ll be able to access them whenever you want. Since Pods delivers the containers, you’ll just need to pack, then the Pods driver will take the containers to the center. The process is easy and straightforward.

The difference between Pods and other storage units is the flexibility. You’re able to do things at the schedule you want, so no need to hurry. For your convenience, Pods storage centers are available throughout the country so you won’t have problems finding one.

Once you find a location near you, get in touch and let them know what type of container you want. Next, specify the date you want the container to be delivered and Pods will do the rest.

For more information, please visit their official website.

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